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Everything you need to secure, analyze, audit and report on Azure AD. Azure monitoring solution. Find users at risk, monitor user changes and permissions, risky sign-ins and much more.

Azure AD Auditing & Reporting

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Azure AD Monitoring

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Azure AD Monitoring SaaS Solution

Our Azure AD monitoring solution will report on your Azure AD users, Azure AD risky sign-ins, status of Azure AD health, Azure AD Connect Sync status, users flagged for risk, user changes and more.  Get a complete audit overview of what your Azure AD users are doing and make sure you have no compromised accounts or are exposed to a potential attack!

Create your own custom Azure AD reports about your users on any type of Microsoft Azure AD activity logs.

Azure AD Activity Logs Monitoring

InfraSOS provides the following Azure AD activity reports that can be customised, exported as csv, pdf, xlsx, csvde or html.  Schedule reports to run and email you on an hourly, weekly or monthly basis.

Azure AD Auditing

The InfraSOS Azure AD audit report provides you with the history of every task performed in your tenant.  Provides reports on system activities for compliance, for example you can run any type of audit report on users, groups and applications such as:

  • Who added a user to an admin group and when ?
  • Which users are signing into a newly created application ?
  • How many passwords resets were made in the last 24 hours ?
  • What types of updates have been applied to users?
  • Who created a Azure AD user or application in the last 48 hours ?

Get the full list of Azure AD audit logs. This includes audit logs generated by various services within Azure AD, including user, app, device and group Management, privileged identity management (PIM), access reviews, terms of use, identity protection, password management (self-service and admin password resets), and self- service group management, and so on.

Monitor your Azure AD Users & Improve your Security

Try us out, Access to all features. – 200+ Azure AD Report templates Available. Easily customize your own Azure AD reports.

Azure AD Sign-ins Auditing

The InfraSOS Azure AD sign in audit reports on user and application sign-in activity for a tenant (directory) via Microsoft Graph API.  The sign-ins report helps you determine who performed the tasks reported by directory audits. The sign-ins report helps you answer questions like:

  • How many users signed in within the last 7 days ?
  • What’s the status of user sign-ins ?
  • What application client are users signing in with (e.g browser, exchange ActiveSync, IMAP, SMTP, other clients) ?
  • What’s the details of devices being used by clients signing in (OS, device ID, Compliant status, Managed device status, more) ?
  •  What IP address was used by clients signing in?
  • Track the location of sign-ins
  • What’s the risk level of a user sign-in ?
  • Audit risk events of risky user sign-ins

Retrieve the Azure AD user sign-ins for your tenant. Sign-ins that are interactive in nature (where a username/password is passed as part of auth token) and successful federated sign-ins are currently included in the sign-in logs.

The maximum and default page size is 1,000 objects and by default, the most recent sign-ins are returned first. Only sign-in events that occurred within the Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) default retention period are available.

Azure AD Monitoring

Filter Azure AD Audit Logs

Azure AD Health Status

Is your Azure AD Compliant ?

We use the Microsoft Graph API for Azure AD Audit Reporting

When you login, it takes 2 mins to start running reports against your Azure AD Audit logs. You will require Azure AD Premium license for some of the reports.

Azure AD Monitoring Features

Azure AD Directory Audits

Audit logs by services within Azure AD, including user, app, device and groups, PIM, access reviews, terms of use, identity protection, password management (self-service and admin password resets), and self- service group management, etc

Audit Azure AD Permissions

Audit your Azure AD users and applications roles & privileges. Make sure users don't have unnecessary permissions such as external users or global admins. Also monitor your Azure AD applications with admin privileges.

Create Custom Audit Reports

With so many different columns, attributes to pull data at of Azure AD audit logs, you can create your own custom reports, selecting the columns and attributes to report on.

Azure AD Sign-in Audits

Audit reports on user and application sign-in activity for a tenant (directory) via Microsoft Graph API. Get details on sign-in events for all your users from devices, applications, location, IP address, risk level, risk events, alerts and much more..

Audit Azure AD Admins

Run reports on your Azure AD Admins, such as Azure global admins, users with management roles, built-in admin roles, and custom azure roles. Help reduce your attack surface by removing users with unnecessary Azure roles.

Schedule Reports

With InfraSOS report schedule feature, you can schedule when you would like a selected audit report to run and to email you any time you like. A good way to be alerted and keep an eye out for certain log activity.

Azure AD Connect Health

Azure AD Connect Sync health reports. Find synchronization errors. Find out why some users aren't syncing from your on prem Active Directory to Azure AD. Find the conflicting attribute causing the error.

Audit Azure AD Guest Users

Report and audit your Azure AD Guest Users - external users who have been added to your tenant. Make sure these users have the correct permissions and monitor what access they have to your tenant and see what Office 365 licenses they have.

Export Reports

When you run any report, you have the option to export the reports as csv, pdf, xlsx, csvde or html. Allowing you to share results easily and create reports for your compliance reporting requirements.

Improve your Azure AD Security & Compliance today!

Try us out, Access to all features. – 200+ Azure AD Report templates Available. Easily customize your own Azure AD Audit reports.

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Azure AD Log Attributes

Azure AD Monitoring

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1,000's of Happy Admins
I've been using InfraSOS for about 6 months and we use it daily for running reports on users, especially the password reports. Great tool. This helped us with compliance reports on password polices.
InfraSOS Reviews
Paul Farzil
IT Security
I need to run reports on our Office 365 disabled users to find out who has a license and free up the license for new users. This tool has saved a lot of time and money on O365 licensing. I've scheduled weekly alerts.
office 365 management
Candice Davis
Project Manager
Very useful reporting tool. We have several domains and this helped us cleaning up AD before we did an AD migration. The AD Health status was very good to fix isses we had with Active Directory replication status.
Active Directory password reports
Mike Wisinowski
AD Architect

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