Active Directory
Management Tools

Active Directory management tools to manage users, groups, GPOs, OUs, devices, security. Create, delete, update your common Active Directory tasks from our portal. Making managing AD so much easier. Delegate access to your helpdesk team without compromising your Active Directory security.

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Active Directory Management

Active Directory Management Tools

Complete Active Directory / Azure AD management solution to manage your Active Directory, Azure AD tenant and Office 365. Making it so much easier to visualize and automate how you manage Active Directory.  Create, update, delete and automate users, groups and more. 

InfraSOS is an extensive Microsoft Windows Active Directory management and reporting SaaS platform. Its purpose is to streamline user provisioning and AD administration, ensuring utmost security and authentication to restrict management actions solely to authorized users. With this tool, administrators and AD managers can efficiently handle a range of tasks, including managing AD users, computers, contacts, groups, and other relevant Active Directory tasks.

InfraSOS Active Directory Management Features

Complete Active Directory management solution to manage your domains and making it so much easier to visualize and automate how you manage Active Directory:

You have the option to update individual objects or use our csv bulk feature to update / create multiple objects at once.

User Management

Within the InfraSOS platform you can easily manage your Active Directory users with options to Create, Delete, Update Attributes, Enable, Disable, Move users between OUs.  Delegate access to your helpdesk team and only give them access to certain management tasks, making managing AD simple and secure.

Group Management

Enhancing the flexibility of Windows group management, this Active Directory management software offers comprehensive group management features. It simplifies the process of creating and modifying various types of groups, including both security and distribution groups. Leveraging templates, you can efficiently customize group settings. Additionally, you have the convenience of bulk adding or removing users from these groups, enabling you to streamline user management tasks. Furthermore, you can effortlessly configure Exchange attributes for the groups, allowing you to handle multiple actions simultaneously with ease.

OU Management

The OU (Organizational Unit) management feature of InfraSOS empowers administrators to create and modify OUs both individually and in bulk. Gone are the days of toggling through numerous screens to perform bulk OU operations. With InfraSOS, a simple CSV import is all it takes to create or modify OUs on a large scale. Our SaaS AD management platform also offers effortless management of OUs, including the ability to move OUs or delete them in bulk. This streamlines the process and allows administrators to efficiently handle OU management tasks without unnecessary hassle.

Computer Management

With this Active Directory management solution, you gain the ability to centrally manage all computers within an AD environment effortlessly, regardless of your location. It enables you to perform various tasks simultaneously, such as creating computer objects in bulk using CSV files and templates. Additionally, you can conveniently modify group and general attributes of computers, seamlessly move them between organizational units, and effortlessly enable or disable them, all accomplished with just a few mouse clicks.

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GPO Management

With InfraSOS, managing the Group Policy Objects (GPOs) of AD domains becomes effortless. In just a few clicks, you can perform a wide range of GPO-related tasks. This includes enabling or disabling user and computer configuration settings, deleting GPOs, creating GPO links, enforcing GPO links, and blocking or unblocking GPO inheritance, all in bulk for any domain or organizational unit (OU). InfraSOS AD SaaS platform offers a user-friendly graphical user interface (GUI), making it easy to navigate and accomplish these GPO management actions efficiently and effectively.

Contact Management

Streamlining the process of managing Active Directory contacts, this AD management tool offers a convenient bulk creation feature that allows you to import contact details from a CSV file. Additionally, it provides the ability to update Active Directory contacts in bulk. With its bulk contacts management capability, the tool simplifies the tedious task of individually selecting and updating attributes for each contact object. Instead, you can efficiently manage multiple contact objects at once, saving valuable time and effort.

AD Bulk Management

InfraSOS Active Directory management tool assists AD management by making it easy to create and modify AD objects in bulk. Use our built-in CSV import feature to fetch the list of AD objects and their corresponding attributes from a CSV file and perform the desired Active Directory management operations.

AD Management Helpdesk Delegation

With the delegation feature of this Active Directory management tool, administrators can easily create help desk roles with customized sets of tasks. These tasks may include actions like password reset, user account unlocking, and user creation. By assigning these roles to specific users, administrators can delegate these tasks to non-admin users or help desk technicians as desired. This delegation capability streamlines repetitive management tasks associated with AD users, groups, computers, and contacts. The tool enables administrators to delegate responsibilities to designated users effortlessly, making it convenient to distribute and manage the workload effectively within the help desk team.

Note: Our Active Directory Management Feature is in development and will be released later this year!

Active Directory Reporting & Auditing Tools

We have a complete Active Directory reporting and auditing solution giving you complete control and oversight of your Active Directory and Azure AD.

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