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Manage Office 365 users, groups, licensing, etc. Create, delete, update your common Office 365 tasks from our portal. Making managing Office 365 so much easier. Delegate access to your helpdesk team without compromising your Azure AD security.

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Microsoft Office 365 Management Tools

Complete Office 365 / Azure AD management solution to manage your Azure AD tenant and making it so much easier to visualize and automate how you manage Office 365.  Create, update, delete and automate users, groups and more:

Manage the following in Azure AD / Microsoft Office 365

  • Users (Create, Delete, Update Attributes, Enable, Disable)
  • Groups – Security, Distribution, Microsoft 365 – (Create, Add Members, Remove Members, Delete)
  • MFA (Enable/Disable Users for Multi Factor Authentication)
  • Office 365 Licenses (Assign or Un-Assign licenses for Users)
  • Mail – Create and manage Office 365 Mailboxes
  • OneDrive – Manage OneDrive user settings
  • Devices – Manage Azure AD Devices
  • Automation – Automate tasks
  • Alerting – Configure alerting based on reporting / auditing events within your Azure AD logs
  • Security – Manage your Azure AD security, such as Global admins, Azure AD Role & Privileges and other security related configuration 
  • More..

Delegate access to members in your team, such as the helpdesk team without them requiring access to your Azure AD tenant / Office 365 admin.  Everything is managed via InfraSOS portal, making managing Azure AD / Office 365 easier and secure.

This management feature is in development and will be released later this year!

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