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Active Directory Group Reports

Active Directory Group Reports using InfraSOS

Active Directory Group Reports is a feature of InfraSOS that enables you to run reports on all Active Directory Security, Distribution (modified), and Universal Groups in a domain or across multiple domains. These reports are useful for Active Directory management and reporting purposes. By simply running the reports on these tools, you can get a quick view of the groups without having to write any scripts for Active Directory reporting. 

Stop Creating Complex AD Group PowerShell Scripts

Our Active Directory Group Reports enables Active Directory administrators to generate, schedule, manage and filter group-based reports including recently created, modified, empty, nested, members or deleted groups and much more.

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InfraSOS AD Group Reporting Features

Create all types of reports against your Active Directory groups and users.  Filter reports based on attribute data.

AD Group Reports

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Try us out for Free, Access to all features. – 200+ AD Report templates Available. Easily customise your own AD reports.

Types of Active Directory Group Reports to Run

Pre-defined group reports are already built-in ready to run for Security Groups and Distribution Groups you have configured in Active Directory.  Reports can be scheduled to run and generate alerts based on how you configure your alerts.  Reports can be emailed or exported.  Customise group reports by selecting ‘Manage Columns‘ and select the active directory group attributes / columns you would like your report to show based on your group or user data.

This report can be used to get the list of groups in a domain that do not have any members.  This helps system administrators keep track of unused or unnecessary groups, and at the same time, identify groups with access privileges that should not exist.

Get a list of Active Directory groups with large numbers of users as members.  Audit your groups with the most members.

This report will help you find the Active Directory groups that have owners associated with them. The owner of a group will have a complete control over the users in that group.  Make sure the correct owners are in control of your groups.

Find groups that don't have owners and customize your report based on filtering your group reports on any attributes or data about your groups.

Run reports against your Active Directory security groups, filter your reports based on any attribute on user data.  Find out if you have mail enabled security groups. 

Run reports on your distribution groups and members in these groups

Reports on your dynamic distribution groups, settings configured and users in these groups

Reports on your dynamic distribution groups users in these groups

Active Directory group membership report.  Get details about all the users that are members of selected groups.  Filter reports based on your members details and attributes.

Audit your recently created groups and find details about who created and when

Audit your recently changed groups and find details about who changed, when and what changes were made

Audit your recently deleted groups and find details about who deleted and when

Filter your reports based on group types and group scopes

Find groups that are members of other groups, known as nested groups.  If a user for example 'Paul' is member of group 'A' and group 'A' is a member of group 'B'.  The user Paul will also automatically be a member of group 'B' because of the nested group membership.


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InfraSOS Reviews

1,000's of Happy Admins
I've been using InfraSOS for about 6 months and we use it daily for running reports on users, especially the password reports. Great tool. This helped us with compliance reports on password polices.
InfraSOS Reviews
Paul Farzil
IT Security
I need to run reports on our Office 365 disabled users to find out who has a license and free up the license for new users. This tool has saved a lot of time and money on O365 licensing. I've scheduled weekly alerts.
office 365 management
Candice Davis
Project Manager
Very useful reporting tool. We have several domains and this helped us cleaning up AD before we did an AD migration. The AD Health status was very good to fix isses we had with Active Directory replication status.
Active Directory password reports
Mike Wisinowski
AD Architect