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Run reports on your Active Directory Passwords for users and Office 365 users.  Audit and filter reports to confirm your AD users are compliant and secure.

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Active Directory Password Reports using InfraSOS

Active Directory password reports are a vital report to have in order to see if your users are compliant and adhere to your Active Directory password policy.  InfraSOS AD SaaS monitoring improves your Active Directory password management and gives you complete control and insight into how your users have configured their attributes when it comes to their password settings.  InfraSOS improves your Active Directory management where Microsoft Active Directory features lack.

Stop Creating Complex AD Password PowerShell Scripts

Creating Active Directory password reports using PowerShell scripts can get very complicated when you need to run reports often based on any number of user password attributes.  Our SaaS AD password tool makes it so much easier, that you can now delegate reporting tasks to your helpdesk users.

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InfraSOS AD Password Reporting Features

With InfraSOS our AD SaaS Active Directory reporting tool, will help you run over 200+ reports on your users and password settings.  Our easy to use SaaS portal, allows you to create any type of Active Directory password report on your users with our drag and drop report builder. 

For Active Directory password reporting using InfraSOS you will be able to do the following:

  • Create over 200+ reports based on any AD attribute.
  • Schedule reports to run and email you the latest report.
  • Use our pre built report templates or create your own.
  • Drag and drop selected columns (Attributes) to be displayed
  • Simple Table format.
  • Exportable in various formats (CSV, Excel, PDF, HTML, CSVDE)

Password Reports

Identify Vulnerable AD accounts

Filter Reports by number of days

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Get complete overview by monitoring your Users

Try us out for Free, Access to all features. – 200+ AD Report templates Available. Easily customise your own AD reports.

Types of Active Directory Password Reports to Run

Once you’ve logged in and linked your Active Directory domain, simply click on AD Reports > Password Reports and select the type of password report you would like to run from the down down menu.  Click on Manage Columns to select the columns/active directory user attributes you would like in your report.  Select on Filter to select the number of previous days you would like to search for.

Some of the pre defined Active Directory password reports you can run are:

Recent Failed Logon Report

Run a report to find Active Directory failed logons, which is a good way to find out if your accounts keep getting locked out due to bad passwords or perhaps an account is under a brute force attack.  If you notice a large amount of accounts keep failing to login you can set a scheduled alert for these types of reports.

Password Changed Disabled

This report allows you to find out which users can’t change / reset their password due to their account set to ‘User cannot change password‘ within Active Directory.

Password Set To Never Expires

This is a report for administrators to find Active Directory user accounts that have their account password set ‘Password never expires‘.  As a recommendation users should change their passwords frequently at least every 30 days via your Active Directory password policy for your domain.

Password Expired

It’s important to know when users passwords have expired. If accounts haven’t changed their password after a certain period its recommend to disable these accounts as they may no longer be in use.  This report will search for accounts set to Active Directory password expired.

Password Expiring Soon

This report allows administrators to find Active Directory user accounts with their password soon to expire.  This is useful if you want to notify/remind users about changing their password soon.

Password Not Changed Recently

Instead of running a powershell script to track Active Directory accounts that haven’t changed their passwords recently, this report helps admins to find user’s who haven’t changed their password recently.  You can filter by the number of days.

Password Changed Recently

This report allows admins to check which users Active Directory passwords changed recently.  You can filter this report by the number of days to get a list of users over a specific number of days.

Password Settings

Use this report to customise your password reports based on Active Directory password settings attributes on users AD accounts.  Select ‘Manage Coloumns‘ to select which Active Directory attribute to report on.

Attributes Filter

Active Directory Attributes

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InfraSOS Reviews

1,000's of Happy Admins
I've been using InfraSOS for about 6 months and we use it daily for running reports on users, especially the password reports. Great tool. This helped us with compliance reports on password polices.
InfraSOS Reviews
Paul Farzil
IT Security
I need to run reports on our Office 365 disabled users to find out who has a license and free up the license for new users. This tool has saved a lot of time and money on O365 licensing. I've scheduled weekly alerts.
office 365 management
Candice Davis
Project Manager
Very useful reporting tool. We have several domains and this helped us cleaning up AD before we did an AD migration. The AD Health status was very good to fix isses we had with Active Directory replication status.
Active Directory password reports
Mike Wisinowski
AD Architect
// Complete Active Directory Reporting & Management Solution

We are a team of Microsoft Windows AD and Azure AD
Security Experts with over 20 Years Experience

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