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Active Directory OU reports tool.  Everything you need to audit, secure, analyse and report on Active Directory OUs (Organizational Units) using our SaaS Active Directory OU reporting solution. 

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Active Directory OU Reports

Active Directory OU Reports

InfraSOS Active Directory OU reports offers comprehensive Organizational Unit Reports that provide administrators with valuable visibility into various aspects of OUs. These reports include information on OUs, such as their structure and hierarchy, empty OUs, and OUs that have been changed or modified. With just a single mouse-click, administrators can easily generate these reports, gaining actionable insights into their OU landscape. Furthermore, the reports can be conveniently exported, allowing for seamless sharing and analysis of the OU data. This streamlined reporting functionality enables administrators to stay informed and make informed decisions with ease.

With our Active Directory Reporting tool you’re able to run reports on Active Directory OU’s using the following built-in reports:

  • All OUs
  • Empty OUs
  • Recently Created OUs
  • Recently Changed OUs
  • GPO linked OUs
  • GPO Blocked Inheritance OUs

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InfraSOS Active Directory OU Reporting Features

By utilizing the InfraSOS SaaS reporting platform, you unlock a vast array of reports covering Active Directory, Azure AD, and Office 365. This platform enables you to conduct thorough audits of your environment, promoting efficient management and enhanced security of your Active Directory. Accessible through a user-friendly SaaS portal, InfraSOS offers a convenient drag and drop report builder. This intuitive feature allows you to effortlessly create customized Active Directory reports. You have the flexibility to tailor these reports according to your preferences by selecting the specific Active Directory attributes you wish to include, further enhancing the relevance and usefulness of the generated reports.

For Active Directory OU reports, InfraSOS allows you to:

  • Apply flexible filters: Easily apply filters based on any user attribute in Active Directory to refine your reports.

  • Customize reports: Tailor reports to reflect specific user settings and Active Directory attributes that are relevant to your needs.
  • Export reports: Export reports in multiple formats, including CSV, Excel, PDF, HTML, and CSVDE for easy sharing and analysis.

  • Schedule reports: Set up automated report schedules to run at specific intervals and receive them via email, ensuring you have up-to-date information about your Active Directory users and OUs.

  • Pre-built report templates: Take advantage of pre-built report templates that cover a wide range of common Active Directory reports, saving you time and effort.

  • Drag and drop report builder: Use the intuitive drag and drop report builder to select columns based on the Active Directory attributes of your choice, making it easy to create custom reports.

  • User-friendly table format: View reports in a user-friendly table format for easy reading and analysis.

  • Advanced searching: Conduct efficient searches within reports to quickly retrieve the desired data.

  • Granular delegation: Delegate report access to specific team members using granular delegation capabilities, ensuring data confidentiality and access control.

  • Collaborative sharing: Invite team members to collaborate and share reports within the InfraSOS platform, fostering effective teamwork and knowledge sharing.

  • Seamless AD management: Effortlessly switch between domains to manage large Active Directory environments, simplifying administrative tasks.

Attributes Filter

Active Directory Attributes Filter

Active Directory Reporting & Management

InfraSOS offers a comprehensive collection of pre-built Active Directory reports that cover various essential areas. Here are some of the key report categories available:

  • Users: Gain insights into user-related information, such as user attributes, group membership, account status, and more.
  • Groups: Access reports that provide details about group membership, group properties, and other relevant information.
  • Computers: Obtain information about computers in your Active Directory environment, including attributes, operating system details, last logon, and more.
  • Devices: Get reports on devices registered in Active Directory, including mobile devices, laptops, and desktops, to monitor and manage device inventory efficiently.
  • OUs (Organizational Units): Gain visibility into the structure and hierarchy of your OUs, helping you manage and organize objects within your Active Directory environment effectively.
  • GPOs (Group Policy Objects): Access reports to track and analyze GPO settings, group policy links, and other GPO-related information.
  • Passwords: Obtain reports related to password policies, user password details, and password expiration to ensure a secure password management process.
  • Active Directory Health Check: Get comprehensive reports that assess the health and status of your Active Directory environment, highlighting potential issues and offering recommendations for optimization.

These pre-built reports provide valuable insights and assist in monitoring, managing, and securing your Active Directory infrastructure effectively.

Active Directory OU Reports

Active Directory OU Auditing

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