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Computer & Devices Reports

Active Directory Computer Reports. Everything you need to secure, analyse and report on Active Directory Computers, Servers, Printers and devices in your domain.  Get detailed auditing information about your devices. 

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Active Directory computer reports

Active Directory Computer & Device Reports

Our Active Directory computer reports gives you complete overview of all the devices in your domain such as computers, servers, domain controllers, Windows servers, Windows desktops, printers, mobile devices etc.  You can create reports based on your devices attributes such as operating system OS, OS version, recently modified, enable or disabled and much more.

Reduce your Admin Workload of Managing PowerShell Scripts

Having to create and constantly update and run Powershell scripts in order to generate reports on Active Directory, Office 365 and Azure AD can get very difficult and waste your administrators time and be prone to error.  Our SaaS tool makes it so much easier, that you can now delegate reporting tasks to your helpdesk users, thus freeing up your admins time and resources.  With our schedule automation, you can schedule when to run reports and get them emailed to you.

Get reports about your devices in Active Directory or Azure AD.

Try us out for Free, Access to all features. – 200+ AD Report templates Available. Easily customise your own AD reports.

InfraSOS Active Directory Computer & Devices Reporting Features

With InfraSOS you get complete overview of your Active Directory users and computers.  You can audit your users, groups , Active Directory health, GPO, OU, password settings, and so much more.  Create 200+ reports on Active Directory, Office 365 and Azure AD using our drag and drop report builder.  

For Active Directory computer reporting using InfraSOS you will be able to do the following:

  • Create over 200+ reports based on any AD attribute.
  • Schedule reports to run and email you the latest report.
  • Use our pre built report templates or create your own.
  • Drag and drop selected columns (Attributes) to be displayed
  • Simple Table format.
  • Exportable in various formats (CSV, Excel, PDF, HTML, CSVDE)
  • Delegate reports to other admins or helpdesk users.  Restrict access to certain reports based on roles within the InfraSOS portal.

Reports Builder

Monitor Computers

Filter Reports based on Attributes

Get reports on your computers in Active Directory or Azure AD.

Try us out for Free, Access to all features. – 200+ AD Report templates Available. Easily customise your own AD reports.

Types of Active Directory Computer & Device Reports to Run

You can create any type of report using our drag and drop report builder.  

Some of the pre-built reports you can use are:

  • All Computers in Domain Report
  • Domain Controllers Report
  • Workstation Computers Report
  • Computer OS Report
  • Computers Trusted for Delegation
  • Bitlocker Recovery Keys Report
  • Computers Enabled for Bitlocker
  • Computers Disabled for Bitlocker
  • Recently Created Computers / Servers
  • Recently Modified Computers
  • Recently Deleted Computers
  • Managed Computers
  • Unmanaged Computers
  • Computers with Duplicate Attributes
  • Inactive Computers
  • Active Computers
  • Enabled Computers
  • Disabled Computers
  • All Printers

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InfraSOS Reviews

1,000's of Happy Admins
I've been using InfraSOS for about 6 months and we use it daily for running reports on users, especially the password reports. Great tool. This helped us with compliance reports on password polices.
InfraSOS Reviews
Paul Farzil
IT Security
I need to run reports on our Office 365 disabled users to find out who has a license and free up the license for new users. This tool has saved a lot of time and money on O365 licensing. I've scheduled weekly alerts.
office 365 management
Candice Davis
Project Manager
Very useful reporting tool. We have several domains and this helped us cleaning up AD before we did an AD migration. The AD Health status was very good to fix isses we had with Active Directory replication status.
Active Directory password reports
Mike Wisinowski
AD Architect

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