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Active Directory Direct Reports. Run reports on your Active Directory managers, direct reports and employees.  100’s of AD reports to run on users and groups.  Complete Active Directory auditing and monitoring. 

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Active Directory Direct Reports

Active Directory Direct Reports Tool

There might be occasions for admins to run a report on their users based on their job role, for example managers, users without managers, or any type of Active Directory attribute.  With InfraSOS one of many our Active Directory reports is the Active Directory direct reports, which has the following reports available that can be customised using our reports builder:

  • All Manager Reports
  • Users with Managers
  • Users without Managers
  • Users with certain Job Titles (e.g Director, CEO, VIP, etc)
  • Users working in certain Departments
  • Users without Job Title
  • Users without any AD attribute
  • Users working for a certain company
  • And 100’s more report filters

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