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Active Directory Account Expired Reports

Active Directory Account Expired Reports

Create Active Directory account expired reports using InfraSOS.  Get detailed user reports and find accounts that have expired, password reports and so much more. 

  • Identify all Active Directory users whose accounts have expired in a particular domain.
  • Use advanced filtering to build custom reports on your Active Directory users
  • Filter by number of x number days / dates
  • You can export the reports of users with expired accounts in multiple formats like CSV, HTML, PDF, XLSX, CSVDE and EXCEL.
  • Schedule reports when to run and automate custom reporting and email the latest account expired reports

Our Active Directory Account Expired reporting tools will be available later in 2023

Build Custom Active Directory Account Reports

You can create your own reports based on account expiry related reports, for example:

  • Active Directory Accounts Expired
  • Accounts Expired Recently
  • Accounts Expiring Soon
  • Account Never Expires

For a full list of reports refer to our Active Directory reporting features page.

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