Active Directory Disabled User
Reports Tool

Active Directory Disabled Users Report.  Audit and report on Active Directory and Office 365 users using our SaaS AD reporting solution. 

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Active Directory disabled users report tool

Active Directory Disabled Users Report Tool

The Report for Disabled Users offers a comprehensive list of Active Directory user accounts that have been disabled by the administrator. The status of disabled users in the domain is determined by the userAccountControl attribute.  Easily find users that have been recently disabled using our filter options based on any user attribute to audit your users effectively.  Run this report against as many Active Directory domains you have in your environment, making managing and reporting on AD very easy and quick.

InfraSOS Active Directory Disabled User Reports Features

With InfraSOS SaaS reporting platform you can run 100’s of Active Directory, Azure AD and Office 365 reports.  Audit your environment to make managing and securing Active Directory quick and easy.  Our easy to use SaaS portal, allows you to create any type of Active Directory report on your users with our drag and drop report builder.  Customise the Active Directory attributes you would like included in your reports.

For Active Directory disabled user reporting using InfraSOS you will be able to do the following:

  • Filter reports based on any user attribute in AD.
  • Customize your reports based on any user setting / AD attribute.
  • Export reports in different formats (CSV, Excel, PDF, HTML, CSVDE).
  • Schedule reports to run and receive an email with the report attached at specified dates to get the latest details about your Active Directory users.
  • Use our pre-built report templates on common Active Directory reports (100s)
  • Use our drag and drop report builder and select your own columns (Active Directory Attributes).
  • Reports are in simple table format.
  • All reports are searchable, making finding data very easy in your reports.
  • Delegate access to certain reports with team members with our granular delegation for users.
  • Invite team members to InfraSOS to share reports with.
  • Easily flip between domains, making it very easy to manage large Active Directory environments.

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Active Directory Attributes Filter

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With InfraSOS, we’ve built a platform that gives you complete monitoring of your on-premise infrastructure around Active Directory, Azure AD and Office 365.

Active Directory Disabled User Reports

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